Experts in on/offline communication and advertising

Do you want to publicize your company, service, event, product? If you are not in the media, you do not exist. Therefore, talking about yourself and communicating it well is essential to attract customers, position yourself, sell, create brand, grow and let others know that you are there.

At diVisibles we communicate your news in different kind of media so that you gain visibility. We create press releases, dossiers or presentations of your company, we shape them and make them a newsworthy event. We disseminate them in various media and contact them. We can write only press releases or make a comprehensive communication strategy (social media, corporate image, blog, media insertions...) if necessary.

Time is gold, and under this premise, and in order for you to focus on your business, we want to be the people responsible for your communication. When a medium contacts you, at diVisibles we manage an interview, a communication, if you want to attend a conference as a speaker, an advertisement in a medium... We also manage the internal communication of your company so that your messages reach workers, suppliers or partners properly.

Communication services

Media plan, press releases, presentations and dossiers, corporate interviews, management of the participation of professionals in media and conferences, relationship with the media, press office services, distribution of press releases and news in online and offline media, press clippings, internal newsletters and magazines, press/blogger calls, invitations. Internal communication of the company.

Online/offline advertising

We search for you those online and offline media (press magazines, websites, blogs, social media...) where you must be to get closer to your target audience. We manage the advertising of your business or person, and we take care of both texts and images, as well as price negotiation with the media. We save your time!


Event coverage

Whether you are a company, institution, media or individual, we cover events, conferences, seminars... so that they are later visible, internally or externally. We do interviews, chronicles, news, and audiovisual (video) and photographic coverage.

Do you want to communicate, be visible, and you don't know how? We make you known